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If you’re ready to crush your comfort zone and have tons of fun with a like-minded tribe who will cheer you on, this challenge is for you. If you know you’re made for more, this challenge is for you. If you have a message driven business but aren't using the power of video because it scares the F out of you, this challenge is definitely for YOU!

Did you know that Facebook Lives get 3-5X more viewership than a recorded video? Facebook favors live videos over recorded ones so algorithms go up and your content gets seen! But that’s not all. Studies have shown that FB Lives will help you gain confidence, clarity and connection with your community. Imagine the insane value this challenge will add to your life and business!

In 2018, I took my passion for helping others to FB Lives, and in less than 9 months, generated a six-figure “side hustle” with online group coaching and ZERO dollars spent on advertising or marketing. It all started when a friend challenged ME to 30 days of FB Lives. I'm obsessed with the leverage of FB Lives and want to help YOU do the same. Whether you’re a coach, speaker, author, teacher, network marketer, realtor, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home parent with a message on your heart, this challenge is for YOU!

Here’s how it works:

  • You do a daily FB Live in the group 

  • Suggested Topics are under Files 

  • Be sure to include which day you are on in your title so we can celebrate your progress

  • Every Thursday I offer a Live Q&A

  • Each week there will be a theme you’ll be encouraged to try

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