Are you Ready to Make Magic?

I'm excited to announce that I've partnered with

Master Coach, Michael Nitti! 

Master Coach Michael Nitti    Acclaimed Life Coach (aka "The Legend"), Spiritual Teacher and Best Selling Author  Master Coach for over three decades  This is is the FIRST TIME Michael has ever offered his renowned private coaching services in a mastermind format. Yes!

Master Coach Michael Nitti

Acclaimed Life Coach (aka "The Legend"), Spiritual Teacher and Best Selling Author

Master Coach for over three decades

This is is the FIRST TIME Michael has ever offered his renowned private coaching services in a mastermind format. Yes!

(Open Enrollment for our next Cycle will be Announced Soon!)

It's a proven fact that coming together with a mastermind group of amazing, like-minded people, is one of THE most powerful decisions you can make to elevate your life, business and relationships. The collective brain power, combined with the support of people just like you, all committed to keeping their breakthroughs alive with accountability, action and momentum, is an unstoppable force.

What exactly is a Mastermind?

Masterminds have become the most popular modern group coaching programs. While relatively new to most people, Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his book, Think and Grow Rich. A mastermind group is designed to help you identify new and effective strategies while navigating challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

How does a Mastermind work?

A group of growth, impact and motivated minded people meet on a virtual platform to align their intended outcomes with measurable accountability and action. They lean on each other, give advice, inspire one another, uncover limiting beliefs, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It's very much peer-to-peer mentoring and facilitated by respected, seasoned leaders.


Why Join this Mastermind?

Imagine having a go-to group of like-minded peers to brainstorm with, get advice from, share your highs and lows in life and business with, be accountable to, and stay inspired by, all while building lasting friendships.

Be part of an exclusive community for collaboration, cross promotion, and accountability for measured impact.

Joining this Mastermind will truly give you a Master Mind. You can't help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. Not to mention it's a ton of fun!

All the above is true but let's get real for a minute...

Masterminds with people who've attended personal development events are pure magic. Problem is, without some skin in the game, most people don't stick with it because they're not truly invested. They didn't DECIDE, which means to CUT OFF all other options. They didn't make their outcomes a MUST. And, they allowed themselves to slip back into the comfort of their old BS and complacency. 

I've created numerous wildly successful masterminds for many people, just like you, coming out of programs where they've experienced breakthroughs and revelatory thoughts to harness that fire energy for a boss Mastermind. We get measured results in life, business and relationships. But, it takes a special sense of self to create this kind of magic. 

This is for you if you're hell bent (I'm talking BURN THE BOATS RESOLVED) on success and fulfillment. You know you MUST be surrounded by other people who are in that same place because you get that your network is your net worth (emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually). You want to be held accountable. You're hungry to connect with others who speak your language. You're starving for a community that feels like your true tribe. You're ready to show up for them and yourself one hundred percent. 

If this is YOU, we've got your back!

Coaching Topics Include: 

  • Uncovering Limiting Beliefs

  • Overcoming Fear – Reclaiming your Power

  • The Psychology of Supreme Certainty

  • The Impact of Rituals and Routines

  • How to create compelling Facebook Lives

  • The Best of The Mindset Mashup

  • Network = Networth

  • Money Mindset and The Law of Abundance 

  • Income = Impact

  • Change your Thinking, Change your Life!

  • Over-riding your Reactive Mind; Living On Purpose!

  • The practice of Excellence; Bringing All you’ve Got to All you do!

  • Shifting from 'hope' to Faith & Expectation

  • Mission Mapping 

  • Fully owning 'the truth' of who you are and sharing it willingly

  • Honoring the Divine Feminine and Masculine; Empowering each other

  • Synchro-destiny/Law of attraction; Embracing the Treasure Hunt!

  • Fully Conscious, Loving, & Magical Relationships

  • Unleashing your inner-SuperMan/SuperWoman

  • Forgiveness; Letting go of the past/Living in the present 

  • Gratitude; Being grateful for your past, in advance, for your future!

  • COURAGE; Don’t leave home without it!!

  • Stepping beyond the fear of not being good enough!

  • Overcoming procrastination (fear in sheeps clothing)

  • Showing up as the Enlightened Being that you are!

  • Owning your own personality; Mastering the DISC Assessment

  • Living life as your own Puppeteer; no longer the puppet

  • Giving up being the tormented genius without giving up your genius

  • Waking up on Fire!  (Living in a beautiful state)

  • Making your Life a Masterpiece!!!


The Details

  • Duration: 90 Days

  • Group: Powerful like-minded people ready to make magic

  • Meetings: Every other Monday via Zoom from 5:30-7pm PST

  • 6 Regular Sessions plus 3 BONUS SESSIONS (9 total)

  • Exclusive Access: Mastery Mastermind Secret Facebook Group with access to previously recorded sessions

  • Investment: $399