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Joseph McClendon III

Joseph McClendon III has a PhD in neuropsychology. He is currently working on his new book title Awesome Sauce. In this episode, Joseph talks about his mindset tools, techniques, hacks, rituals and routines that have enabled him to succeed in his life. 

  1. Shake that Ass. 

Your attitude will determine how far you will go, what you'll do and what you won't do. If you need to change your attitude in the moment, the quickest way is to move your body. The more of your body you move, the quicker and more and deeper that attitude will change. The place that makes your entire body move is the pelvis area. The science is that when you move your physiology, you change your attitude. Joseph calls it ass-itude because if you shake your ass, you're actually changing everything and there is not a person on the planet that can shake their ass and not change their state. Joseph believes that just by simply shaking your ass, you can rewire your brain and your nervous system to default—to a more productive and resourceful way of being. It literally makes new neurological associations and physical connections develop in your brain. We can therefore direct the attitude that we want to have with the ass-itude that we want to have.

          2. 60/20/20 Rule.

We have all heard the 80/20 rule which is, it's 80% psychology, meaning how you think and your consistent thought patterns and who you are and your identity and what you think you can do. And then it's 20% mechanics. This is why people do things that they're not good at but they get miraculous results. Joseph likes to take what already exists and improve on it in the way he calls going further and faster. This is where Joseph's 60/20/20 rule comes in play. 60% is still psychology. The 20% of it is energy. The energy that we have to get up early, stay up late and do all these things. As a result, this will make us do more so that we will have more. The other 20% is attractiveness. It's not just looking good and it's not just the laws of attraction attracting things into our lives, although that's part of it. It's our being attracted and causing our self to be attracted to what we want in a way that is fearless because most people when they want something, what's keeping them from going after it and causing that magic to happen is their own inhibitions, their fears, their shortcomings.

          3. Contribution and Attraction.

One of Joseph's secret weapons is contribution. He wants to help his fellow human beings as much as he possibly can because this creates a level of gratitude within oneself. It's all about energy. The energy is electricity and your excitement, your enthusiasm, your reasons why, they become enhanced to level 10 as you contribute. Joseph's second secret weapon is he knows how to attract things into his life and to cause himself to be attracted to what he wants and he knows how to teach it to other people.

          4. Sleep.

Joseph saw a quote once that said, "If you change 1% every day, at the end of the year you've changed 365%." Time is biggest thing that you can never get back and it's the biggest thing with entrepreneurs and achievers that they never have enough of. Therefore he decided to change one aspect of his life, his sleep. Imagine this, if you sleep one hour less a night, that's 365 hours and if you divide that by 12 hours, a 12-hour day, it comes to 30. Joseph sleeps 3 hours less than the average person and so he feels like he has three extra months a year than the average person of time. Everybody's body is different but the vast majority of people can sleep at least an hour less. Joseph has been doing this for 30 years and he is excited and rejuvenated.

          5. Morning Routine

Joseph begins his mornings by getting on the chi machine for 10 minutes and this energizes him even more. He will get up and go wake his son up and makes breakfast. The entire time that he's doing this, he's just chilling the freak down. Freak is that conversation that we have in our head. The worry, stress or uncertainty. Joseph uses the three Fs to do it. They are fish, fire and friends. What this means is when we allow ourselves to just zone out, we're literally rewiring our brain to chill that freaking voice out. It can happen when you stare in a camp fire or you look at fish in an aquarium. Joseph therefore bought his house because it had a koi pond. He will feed his fish whenever he just wants his mind to zone out. When he's not at home, he looks at pictures of his fish on his phone. 

          6. Affirmation

Initially, Joseph's affirmations involved wanting more money and a better career. One time he changed his affirmation to "I am" and he started affirming that he was. He would affirm that he was a good person and that he was powerful and strong. Shortly after that he started to believe it. From this, Joseph developed an identity about himself that no matter what he did, he's going at the very least, one of the best at or the best. He may not have been the best at the things that he was doing, but he thought he was and if he thought he was, it felt good and he would end up doing more of it.

          7. Challenges

There are four big challenges that most achievers have. Number one, lack of refocus not focus. Most achievers have therefore done some sort of goal setting and they know what they want. The challenge is, even though most people know what they want and they can focus on it, they don’t stay focused on it to the point that they continue to take action. The reason why is because we get distracted. Its things that make us procrastinate. So always remind yourself. Use your phone and just tell Siri to remind you every hour to refocus. This key will cause you to go back to what you want.

The second challenge most achievers face is lack of plan and continued input on personal development. This is the lack of a plan of how you're going to grow yourself. So always continue to put yourself in an environment that is going to contribute to your personal growth as well as your growth to the things that you want to make happen.

The third challenge is lack of energy. This literal energy is electricity that you put off. This electricity that you put off causes you to be excited and driven and pulled towards what you want. The last challenge achieves face is lack of attractiveness. Attractiveness is that overwhelming electricity that attracts you to what you want and what you want to you.

          8. Fulfillment

Fulfillment for Joseph is to be able to wake up every morning with a smile on his face and to appreciate all that he is and be grateful for what he had.

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