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Happy New Year! It’s a great time to establish new goals and reflect on how much you’ve accomplished over the previous year. I’ve always loved the excitement around a new year and all the potential that comes with it.

To start off this year, this episode will discuss how we get to where we want to go, along with the mindset we need to have. A good starting point is to reflect back on last year’s magical moments. Reflect on what you created last year and what you want to duplicate this year. Ask yourself, “What is my calling?”

When we align our minds with our hearts, we understand what we are truly called to do. Understanding this for myself has been so utterly fulfilling—more than I could ever have imagined.

1. Give Up the “How”

My mantra for 2019 is to surrender myself to the “how.” I know that I have big dreams, plans, and goals. I know that they will all manifest in divine timing but giving up control over how they manifest is part of my mindset for the new year.

Giving up control in this way relieves stress and lifts the pressure off your shoulders. I know that if I’m being called to do something, then all the resources and people will show up at the right time.

2. Serve from Love

Last year, I attended Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny. That event is where the second (and most successful) phase of my life began. That event helped me find and define fulfillment for myself. I realized that I never gave back. So, I jumped into service with the sole intention of giving back. I left that experience with my new primary question for 2019: How can I serve love even more right now?

3. No Excuses!

I realized that all my life, I’d allowed myself to get overwhelmed very quickly. I vowed to never say that I’m overwhelmed ever again. After some reflection last night, I realized that though I never used the word “overwhelmed,” I still was making excuses for myself. I’d changed the language, not the mindset. Being overwhelmed or stressed just allows me an excuse to be restrained, hold back, and be lazy.

So, what if instead I just took a deep breath and took one baby step forward? A small, single piece of action is progress. Progress is happiness. That mindset is where creativity flows; that’s where there’s a glimmer of possibility. That’s where you find clarity.


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