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Scott Harris is the CEO and founder of Ultimate Coach and Ultimate Expert. He has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Scott has been coaching, mentoring and speaking to individuals, companies, businesses and large audiences of up to 10,000 people. He helps such individuals and entities to create great success financially, physically and emotionally. Scott has dedicated his entire adult life to growth, change, and inspiration. Throughout his journey, he has worked with many influential forces like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brendan Broussard, Robert Kiyosaki, and Sir Richard Branson among others. Scott is deeply committed to coaching as a powerful tool to create lasting results and massively genuine shifts in people.

1. Money has impact

Money impacts every single category in a person's life. If someone is unwell having more money allows that person to have better access to facilities, doctors and resources. In the 21st Century, money impacts health. It also affects relationships. An example is Scott's wife decided to be a stay at home mom. This was possible by having enough money to cater for her. Money affects an individual's ability to contribute to family or society. This shows how important money is and therefore deserves a high level of attention and focus. People need to focus their energy and attention on wealth creation and money because it affects life significantly.

2. Interacting with the Right People

Scott one day got tired of how he was living and decided to change his life completely. He decided to reinvent himself. He chose to interact with people with the right psychology who would challenge him to a higher standard. Scott now believes that people need to choose peers who challenge them even if they don’t like them. A person's social currency is worth more than any financial currency. This means that people need to find peers that disagree with them and are different from them. Scott also focused on building a peer group and a network of people that have very different philosophies from him.

3. Psychology and Mindset

The difference in the physical ability of lead athletes, footballers or swimmers is not that big but their psychology, mindset, and ability to bring the right skill at the right time is the difference. The difference in performance is not all about skillset or strategy. Its psychology and mindset. Always remember that success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

4. Take responsibility

People need to understand that their wealth is their responsibility. It is not the government or spouse or economy, it’s the person. How much money a person has is a direct reflection of the work they have done. If a person is responsible for their wealth then it means they are in control of how much they create.

There is no point in pouring clean, purified water into a dirty bottle. After taking responsibility people need to clean their stuff and remove residues from their life. An example of residue in Scott's life was the notion that money is bad and to make a lot of it one has to sacrifice values. Scott also had debts as well which he had to clear. Cleaning stuff sets one free from their old relationships.

5. Health is wealth

There is a need for people to define what wealth is and the style of wealth they want. To achieve all that, they first have to take care of their state which is their wealth. Optimizing mental, physical and emotional states are all important in achieving any desired goal. Without health, one cannot have anything. The secret weapon to wealth is to optimize health.

6. Value of Wealth

People need to understand where wealth is in their value structure and hierarchy. They need to know how much they need and how it fits in with their other values. Scott has declined offers worth millions of dollars in order to assist his wife with parenting because he knows where wealth is in his hierarchy structure and he is able to find out some other opportunities to create wealth that was outside his current mindset.

7. Work

There is no real shortcut to success besides work. Whether it is knocking doors, sending hundreds of emails or making hundreds of calls. Working adds new skill and values as well as adding value to other people's lives. In this way, a person learns who they need to become in order to create the wealth they require or deserves. The journey is continuous.

8. Know your values

In order for people to become who they want to be, they need to know the values they need to have. What does that individual who wants to succeed start valuing that he or she was not valuing before? For Scott it was thoroughness. He needed to be thorough in order to be wealthy.

9. Rituals and Routines

Scott believes people should have morning rituals, office rituals, and home rituals and sleep rituals that are deliberate and intentional. Rituals enable a person to switch hats into different positions in the day. Scott does a 15 minute meditation before the end of the day. The meditation is about relaxing the body while focusing on being grateful and blessed for everything happening in his life. He also does nutritional things at night like a hot sauna with magnesium and lavender oils. This smelling ritual prepare him for valuable sleep.

10. Fulfillment

Fulfillment according to Scott is living according to his values. Scott's five values are to love and adore his spouse every day, to continue to love, adore and add value to his children, to help them turn into who they are meant to be, to love and adore his clients, and lastly to appreciate his body and feed and nurture his mind. If someone says they value something, then that person must spend their time, money and focus on that thing. Scott, therefore, spends his time and money on those values.

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