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I’m absolutely honored for today’s pod guest. 🙌🏼 Dr. John Amaral is the go-to energy worker for celebrities, pro-athletes, and billionaires, including my mentor, Tony Robbins. He’s a chiropractor, energy bodyworker and educator who helps people elevate their energy to feel and perform their best, shifting them out of a stressed state in order to reach an intense state of flow. 

His work heals physical injuries, anxiety, depression, and helps many high achieving people level up their energy for maximum potential. Basically he’s an earth angel. 💖🙏🏼💫 

In this episode, Dr. Amaral walks me through his "absurdly, ridiculously simple process," to help release undirected energy within my body to amplify blocked energy, expand my consciousness and upgrade my performance. It was a game changer and is why I'm sharing with YOU today. No matter what state you're currently in, this easy process will elevate your energy for mind blowing levels of clarity and freedom. I’m obsessed with this talk and know you’ll love it too. 

1. Acknowledge the Disconnect

The focus of our society is staying connected, usually through the overuse of technology. What you don’t focus on enough is the fact that technology can sometimes help you feel connected, but it can also distract you from fully connecting to yourself.

We get disconnected, too. If you look at universal consciousness like the Cloud, then our body is like our little device. We’re hungry to plug back in—to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. In order to connect in this way, you have to take the time away from technology, get out of your own head, and find new ways to tune in, tap in, and plug into yourself. 

2. Managing Energy to Shift Reality

The feeling of being overwhelmed is sometimes difficult to define and pinpoint, but it usually leads into a debilitating state of fighting, totally freezing up, or completely shutting down. The feeling of being overwhelmed feels like tightness, tension, and being closed off; everything is too much to handle, and it’s a critical tipping point. Dr. John Amaral says that in order to get out of the state of overwhelm, it’s crucial to evaluate what is sucking up this energy, sparking this state in the first place. Then, you can start working toward energy conservation and opening up again.

The next step is to practically manage the energy within. The energy level that you’re at is what will dictate how you approach your body. There are different breathing techniques that manage the energy: building it up (breathing in and out through your nose) or lowering it down (breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth).

3. Get Back In Touch With Your Body

Dr. John Amaral says that an important method of releasing the tensions and emotions built up inside is to actually identify where in the body those emotions are held. You have to express the energy somehow through movement and sound; otherwise, it’s not an expression of emotion. This is oftentimes where anxiety and depression manifest: both are the inability to connect with the physical location of the body and release.

Put your hands on your head, your stomach, over your eyes, or wherever connects you to an experience. is it calming or irritating? Make that connection and take inventory. This is one of the first steps to transformation: awareness of your body and how it holds onto emotions Then, make a genuine sound that expresses how it feels to touch specific places on your body. Liberate that bound up energy, bring in more oxygen and blood flow to the tissue. This will instantly elevate awareness and mindfulness due to the enabling of energy to be free-flowing.


Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine by Candace B. Pert

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