Jake Ballentine | Creating a Community is the New Coaching Currency


What’s holding you back? 

So often people—especially entrepreneurs—create, study or build anything new, and get stuck in the cycle of perfectionism. You can work and work and work on a project, and no matter how much of your heart, talent, and resources you invest, it feels like it’s never good enough so you never actually launch. Breaking free from that cycle is the most important step you can do for yourself your and business, and that’s exactly how Jake Ballentine created epic success as a musician and entrepreneur. He owned the value in his work and released it—the way it was, without obsessing over whether or not the work was “perfect.” 

Ready. FIRE! Aim. 

Jake also shares his take on how to cultivate community within your business. He believes that community fosters an environment that helps you maintain momentum without ever losing inspiration. For him, it’s about trusting yourself to take those first steps, and allowing yourself to be called by the mission and pull. 

Jake is the author of Your Number One Goal and host of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches podcast. Over the last 5 years, he has inspired over 250,000 people with his unique brand of motivation and positivity. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How many people have you spoken in front of? (5:03)

  • How does your message change with the age of your audience? (6:28)

  • How have you impacted lives through online community? (9:27)

  • How did it feel to shift from producing perfect content to producing authentic content? (36:54)

  • Who are your most influential mentors? (37:55)

  • What rituals and routines optimize your epic mindset? (43:35)

  • How do you define fulfillment? (48:46)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Jake enjoys speaking with people of all ages. (5:50)

  • Why all of Jake’s clients relate to a typical 15-year-old’s mindset. (6:36)

  • How Jake’s community for message-driven entrepreneurs can help individuals become experts and leaders in their niches. (9:42)

  • Why a service-oriented mindset will make long-term sales easier. (15:07)

  • How Jake made a living doing what he loved without being “the best.” (22:56)

  • How Jake found success after abandoning the perfectionist mindset. (33:36)


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