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When in moments of reflection, how often do you look back and think to yourself: Ooo, that’s why I acted that way?

Better yet, how often do you catch it in real time and shift your mindset to move forward despite the fear and discomfort?

It takes courage to bust through a temporary limiting belief that wants to hold us back. When I’m conscious to the fact I’m facing one of my greatest fears, I ask myself a question my friend Kevin Crenshaw inspired me to live by: What would love do? 💖

On today’s episode, I share a vulnerable video I shared in my Facebook Live Challenge group about how I acknowledged my top limiting belief—and caught myself in the act of letting it drive my actions that could've sabotaged the very thing I wanted most. I share how I was able to break free, and align with the truth of who I Am to let love prevail. 💖

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What led me to identify my top limiting beliefs. (5:53)

  • What it looked like when I fully acknowledged my top limiting belief. (7:43)

  • What happens when I finally broke through my fear in pursuit of love. (13:43)

Listen in on this journey of embracing the unknown, facing my biggest fear, and experiencing a divine, powerful, and sacred experience of LOVE. 💖


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