Michelle Sorro | The Ultimate Biohack is Love

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I recorded this one when I returned home from emceeing the Bulletproof Upgrade Labs 6th Annual Biohacking Conference, which was an absolute honor. I was feeling fully open and alive, and hopped on the mic to share some nuggets.

In this pod, I share about taking a leap of faith, literally and figuratively, off of a nearly three story platform. That jump launched a fresh mindset on facing fear, and helped cultivate more love and connection than I could imagine.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About my liberating leap of faith (5:26)

  • How I gained access to the ultimate biohack through loving my Magical Mama (20:03)

  • What it takes to fully align and awaken to our true selves (24:17)

  • The proven hack to sustain happiness (29:45)


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