Scott Martin | How to Master Mindful Marketing

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I'm super excited to share this talk with you! My big hearted friend and marketing mentor, Scott A. Martin, unpacks the importance of Mindful Marketing — building a community, having patience, and fostering personalized relationships. It's so insanely good!

Scott's a serial entrepreneur and marketing executive strategist, with over 25 years in digital direct, social content production and so much more.

He recently launched an amazing podcast called, "The Groundswell Marketing Podcast" where he shares insights from TOP industry leaders for marketers and entrepreneurs, to help us build sustainable programs that are positively impacting the world. Definitely check that out.

Can’t wait to hear what resonates!

Some Questions I Ask:

How can you inspire people to change (level up) something that's disrupting their longterm, complacent patterns? [13:31]

How many communities do you have and across which platforms, and why are they valuable? [15:06]

Do you do this yourself, or do you have a team? [28:00]

What are some of your rituals and routines that you've implemented in your life that's making an impact? [53:15]

How do you define fulfillment? [01:04:07]

What are your currently top three values? [01:05:16]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

•    What is Scott’s book about [28:00]

•    How Tony Robbins influenced Scott [37:00]

•    Why experimenting with new things is good for you [41:00]

•    What’s special about building communities in social [44:30]

•    How can you put yourself in a good mindset [54:33]

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Web- www.Groundswell.Marketing

Pod- www.Groundswell.FM



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