Mindset Mashup | Greatest Hits of Season 1

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Today marks the One Year Anniversary of the Mindset Mashup podcast! 53 episodes and nearly 100,000 downloads! 

Since day one, it’s been my mission to create the most empowering show I can to lift humanity and help people live their most fulfilling life. To bring on the top leaders in the world in their field and have them share stories they’ve never shared before to give you the mindset tools and teachings to take your life to the next level. 

This podcast has opened doors, launched collaborations and created a community beyond my wildest imagination. It's also stretched me, grown me and overwhelmed me beyond words but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm humbled and honored to be on this mission with you. To commemorate the anniversary, we compiled the Greatest Hits. The featured guests on this episode have touched my heart and awakened my mind, and I know they’ve struck a chord for you as well, because they're the top downloads of the entire year. 

Thanks to all of you who listen — you lift me up more than you will ever know. 

Here are the Greatest Hits of The Mindset Mashup.

Listen to Featured Episodes:

Jack Canfield

Liz Hernandez

Jairek Robbins

Dave Asprey

Preston Smiles

Mastin Kipp

Dr. John Amaral

Joseph McClendon III

Danielle LaPorte

Sarah Prout

Luke Wren

Alison Armstrong

Jason Goldberg

Scott Harris

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