Michelle Sorro | Fire and Soul Episode 1


Exactly one year ago today was the launch of The Mindset Mashup. I’m truly thankful for every moment and meaningful insight that shined through that podcast.

After a year of conversations with some of the world's biggest game changers, I felt a calling to take it deeper. Yes, I'll still be sharing conversations with successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, spiritual luminaries, and high-performance experts who take massive action to make a difference, but from an aligned, awakened soul. A coming home to the truth of who we really are. 

Fire and Soul is a weekly dose of spiritual principles, personal development and success strategies for creating an epically aligned life. Join the beautiful journey in pursuit of less hustle, grit, and grind, and more flow, ease and grace. 

Things are about to catch fire. Are you ready?

Let’s get started. xo

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