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Here's to genuine inspiration. Re-writing your story, identifying your purpose, and letting love lead to success and fulfillment.

Today's pod guest is the incomparable Sally Lou Loveman. Sally Lou has an extraordinary story of massive, inspired action with an awakened soul, which is why there was no other choice when considering our first guest for the Fire and Soul podcast. 

Sally Lou lives her purpose by connecting with audiences, clients, and deepening her connection to the world around her every day. Get this, she was the Audience Producer for Oprah for nearly 20 years. She worked with the Super Soul on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s Life Class, and so much more. 

Sally Lou shares what it was really like working with Oprah (psst! better than you can imagine), and the God-moment that launched what she's doing now at 57 years young. 

In this talk, Sally Lou talks about the key to efficiency in a purpose-driven life and helps you unlock the steps for immediate action to awaken more fully into yours.

Things are about to catch fire. You ready?

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was the Facebook Live Challenge like for you? (6:30)

  • Describe your experience working with Oprah Winfrey (15:40)

  • What did you do after Oprah’s show ended? (19:17)

  • How do you get in tune with the truth of you who you are? (34:33)

  • How do you describe an awakened soul? (46:17)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Sally realized that a career in television was the right path for her. (11:07)

  • How Sally met Oprah. (12:28)

  • How Sally’s “God moment” impacted her future and launched her success as an entrepreneur. (28:55)

  • How to find your “next.” (35:20)

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