Crushing it with Mr Orange

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On today’s pod, I talk with my dear friend Frank Clark (a.k.a. Mr. Orange) who’s a badass entrepreneur, executive coach, and business strategist. After getting to know him better over the past 18 months, it’s also fair to say he is also epic entertainer, super fun activities director and for many, a true hero. During our conversation, Frank shares his life story. Through diving deeply into Tony Robbins events over two decades ago, building a family, creating wildly successful businesses, to a shocking divorce that broke his heart after 20 years of marriage, and starting the next act in his life, his story is inspiring. From the celebrity orange crush moment at Date with Destiny, to finding new love and professional fulfillment, Frank is living his best life. At nearly 60 years young, Frank is certain that life is ALWAYS happening for him and that it’s never too late to start crushing it!

This conversation is FIRE. 

Are you ready to launch your second act? 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • When you left Date with Destiny in 2017, what was your new primary question? (19:37)

  • What were the first steps you took to step into the second act of your life? (28:11)

  • After your divorce, how did your tribe change? (31:49)

  • What did it look like to help someone declutter their life? (38:53)

  • What is the blueprint for The Second Act? (45:15)

  • What is an awakened soul? (50:25)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • About Frank’s journey of attending Tony Robbins events over the course of 20 years. (6:56)

  • What the Spiral Dynamics Exercise means to Frank. (11:48)

  • How Frank became a life and business coach. (18:24)

  • How the Date with Destiny community supported Frank during his divorce. (24:33)

  • Why it’s important to own your freedom and create physical space for yourself. (39:49)

  • Why you should start each day with answering “why,” instead of ending it that way. 51:21)

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