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It’s here! I’ve been waiting for Summer to share this one, particularly because there’s so much gold dropped in this episode about the benefits of direct sun and Vitamin D. Today’s guest is a Dr. Joseph Mercola whom I met at the Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference. Dr. Mercola is a board certified family physician and has treated 25,000 patients from around the world. He’s a New York Times Best-selling Author, was named the Top Ultimate Game Changer in Natural Health and Wellness by HuffPost, and is the founder of Mercola.com, the #1 Natural Health website, (meaning the most visited natural health site on the internet), with over 15 million unique visitors every month. In this pod, we chat his top essential hacks for mastering health and wellness. You will also learn what has brought him the most self awareness in life. Enjoy!

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What direction do you think the health industry is heading in? (10:41)

  • Why Vitamin D is so underrated. (14:21)

  • I feel more connected to myself when I get a couple of hours of direct sunlight on my body - why is that? (16:19)

  • How would you describe the biohacking event and the standout take away? (20:32) 

  • How to simplify the essentials to master health and wellness? (23:04)

  • Does it matter what time you start your eating window? (28:13)

  • What are the kind of carbs we should eat? (31:29)

  • If you’ve had a hysterectomy, should you be taking bio-identical hormones? (43:28)

  • How does caffeine effect hormones? (47:36)

  • What has given you the most self awareness so far? (48:53)

  • How would you describe or define energy? (51:13)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • Life is a journey and it’s always learning. If you’re static, something’s wrong. (9:01)

  • The benefits of Vitamin D and how it can help transfer energy directly from the sun to your body (14:25) 

  • The factor of “dirty electricity,” which interferes with the benefits of grounding in most of North America. At the ocean, it negates that and you receive true grounding. (16:27)

  • The most important principle is to compress your eating. 90% of people, eat more than 12 hours a day. Metabolic defects such as insulin resistance and it doesn’t work like it should. (24:08)

  • Compress your eating window to 6 to 8 hours. (25:39). 

  • What is autophagy and why it is one of the most beneficial pathways in your body? (25:59) 

  • How autophagy can be activated through time restricted eating or intermittent fasting. This activates your stem cells, you start to detoxify more and become metabolically flexible. (27:06)

  • The only caution in your eating window is to make sure you don’t eat three hours before you go to sleep. (28:21)

  • His experience and views of the keto diet (30:32)

  • Oxalates found in foods, like sweet potato and spinach, are a plant defence mechanism but can cause problems for humans like kidney stones so you have to be careful. (32:21)

  • The most impressive biohack and the prerequisites for it. (35:22)

  • A bio hack that costs half a cent  (42:16)

  • Journalling and keeping a diary has helped with self awareness (48:59)

  • How he does his breathing exercises in a float tank (51:31)


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