Tiffany Carter I The Art of Alignment from a Self Made Multi-Millionaire

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On today’s pod, self-made multi-millionaire and my friend Tiffany Carter, shares how she let go of the grit and grind, and replaced that anxious energy with patience, serenity and relaxed productivity. Tiffany debunks the romanticized myths around “hustling,” and shifts the focus to going slow, self-care and aligning ourselves to our true mission. Her intuitive ability to connect with women on a deeper level to uncover what’s blocking them from achieving their dream life, making BIG money and owning their self worth. She is the REAL DEAL.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What did you do after you resigned from CBS? (23:00)

  • What’s the difference between procrastination and genuinely going slow? (41:46)

  • How will you know when it’s time to stop procrastinating? (47:30)

  • How would you describe your flow, pace, and state? (54:51)

  • How would you describe an awakened soul? (58:01)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What initially inspired Tiffany to work hard and hustle her way to success. (11:05)

  • How Tiffany went from spiritually and emotionally bankrupt to living a life of abundance. (29:13)

  • Tiffany’s biggest “wake up” moment. (34:40)

  • How Tiffany pushes against the “shame scroll” and aims to instead empower others. (43:49)

  • How Tiffany’s state has positively transformed over the course of a year. (55:04)

Connect with Tiffany:

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