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Here’s to taking risks that light you up! 🎉

If you've been waiting to finally start that online side-hustle, you're going to love this talk. If you're an entrepreneur and want to learn how to scale your business from five or six-figures to seven and beyond, this one's for you. If you want to get inspired by an underdog who completely changed his life and is now a hero impacting many people around the world, you're going to love this talk. 

I'm honored to introduce a deeply driven man and my dear friend, Tony Whatley Tony’s an entrepreneur who tends to goes against the grain and, as you'll learn in this talk, for good reasons that most people miss. While Tony is incredibly successful, his zone of genius is his heart. In our encounters, I've experienced him to be present, genuine and generous which is why his online and offline communities are so deeply engaged and committed. 

In this talk, Tony shares his mindset musts and business strategies for creating and growing an online business. You're going to be happy you tuned in for this conversation. It’s real, and it’s for you.

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Some Questions I Ask:

  • How you get to where you are today? (7:46)

  • What motivated you to get through 7 years of college? (13:47)

  • How did you create a community of 300,000 people before social media existed? (22:55)

  • How is your community impacting your life and the lives of others? (26:15)

  • What do you do when you get trolls? (31:48)

  • What are your rituals and routines? (42:55)

  • What does fulfillment mean to you? (47:54)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Tony built up his confidence to become a risk-taking businessman. (8:07)

  • How Tony grew up and cultivated his incredible work ethic. (10:00)

  • Why “consistency” is Tony’s favorite word. (19:04)

  • What entrepreneurs need to understand about consistency to find success. (21:20)

  • How to be the type of leader that people will choose to follow. (26:25)

  • Tips for creating community. (29:25)

  • The Top 3 takeaways from SideHustle Millionaire. (39:53)

  • What keeps Tony optimized 365-driven. (43:24)

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