Michelle Sorro | How I Built a Multi Six-Figure Online Biz with No Ads

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Here’s to waking up to your purpose! 

In this pod, I’m turning the mic on myself. I’m sharing a conversation that I had with my friend Jaclyn Mellone on her top rated show, Go-To Gal Podcast, where she helps experts go from being the best-kept secret to the authority in their own space. 

We initially met last year when she was a guest on the Mindset Mashup, and immediately clicked. On this episode, we’re continuing our vulnerable conversation to chat a little about my journey from real estate, to living my dream as a host on Extra, and now fulfilling my purpose—which is what I’m doing today. 

We also dive deep into my passion for live video, how it's transformed my life and business, and thousands of others' around the world, and why I’m convinced it’s about to disrupt traditional sales, marketing and social media culture.

Super excited to share this one with you. Enjoy! ❤️

Some Questions I’m Asked: 

  • What were you the go-to gal for when you were growing up? (8:45)

  • What inspired you to create a platform to help others? (13:49)

  • What was the catalyst of your podcast? (25:04)

  • How to stay in touch with you? (57:00)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How I transitioned from working in real estate to hosting Extra. (14:03)

  • What happened after I woke up to my purpose. (25:08)

  • About the vulnerable conversation Jaclyn and I had about going live on Facebook. (29:20)

  • The #1 reason why people join the Facebook Live Challenge group. (39:39)

  • My best tip for doing Facebook Lives. (49:46)


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