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Here’s to finding and experiencing authentic love and connection. 

I’m so deeply honored to have had Stefanos Sifandos on this podcast. He is a one of a kind soul. During our conversation, he actually asked me some unique and deep questions around relationships and becoming more self-aware. 

If you are single and you want a relationship, this conversation is for you. The stories he tells and the questions he asks will help you uncover why you’re seeking a relationship. No shallow answers are accepted here. With this, I encourage you to get a pen and journal and write out your own answers to these questions. This will help you find clarity for yourself. 

I’m deeply honored to share this phenomenal conversation with you. I’m sure it will be one of your all-time faves, too. 

Some Questions Asked: 

  • What are the first steps people can take to own their inner masculine or feminine? (9:16)

  • What is a gateway to start becoming self-aware, rather than numbing out? (11:39)3

  • What inspires you to be radically self-honest? (17:31)

  • What has gotten you to a place where love, connection, and contribution is so prominent in your life? How did you get to this space? (20:52)

  • After hitting rock bottom, what caused you to truly wake up? (29:40)

  • What does it mean to handle the polarity of the light with darkness? Why is it important to understand it to have a conscious relationship? (45:23)

  • How would you define an awakened soul? (56:12)

In this Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How to start understanding your patterns in past relationships. (9:26)

  • Why sitting in the silence and stillness is key to connecting with yourself, physically and psychologically. (13:54)

  • What I’ve learned through sharing vulnerably online. (19:07)

  • How Stefanos moved forward after hitting rock bottom multiple times. (28:22)

  • When to start talking with a partner or potential partner about sexual and emotional boundaries. (36:51)

  • How breath, sound, and movement can move you from a space of darkness to clarity. (50:16)

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