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Happy Friday! Ready for a challenge? 

I know that if you’re tuning in to this podcast, you’re probably just as dedicated to growth as I am. Growth is just pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, choosing to value courage over comfort. You’ve done this all throughout your life—when you learned to walk, run, worked your first job, started a business, and everything in between. Each time, you had to step outside of your comfort zone and into that space of growth. 

This week, I’m inviting YOU to take a new challenge: the 7-Day Facebook Live Challenge, starting on September 10th. 

No matter who you are—an entrepreneur, consultant, online expert, or anyone at all—this challenge will massively benefit you. 

Are you ready to take inspired action? 

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • Why you should participate in the Facebook Live Challenge and push yourself out of your comfort zone. (2:53)

  • How Facebook Live has helped Nichole Sylvester build her 6-figure business. (6:20)

  • How I went to completely awkward to totally authentic with 30-days of Facebook Live. (10:52)

  • Why video isn’t going anywhere. (15:29)

  • How to join the next 7-Day Facebook Live Challenge. (17:04)


Join the Facebook Live Challenge! 

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