What Top Experts are Saying…

Louise Hay

-Louise Hay, Author and Founder of Hay House

“Michelle Sorro reminds us of the blessings we always have in our lives to be grateful for. I heartedly recommend her work. ”

Joseph McClendon III

— Joseph McClendon III, Ph.D., and Ultimate Performance Specialist

“I must heap praise on you. You have an energy about you that everybody feels. You’re a badass and I thank you for doing what you do and the impact you’re having on people and will continue to have.”

Rock Thomas

— Rock Thomas, #1 Whole Life Expert

“I love your energy. There’s some people, from a distance in a crowd, they walk into a room and you’re like, ‘I need to know that person. I’ll do whatever it takes just to get closer to that person’ and I want to thank you for being that person because they’re rare on the planet. ”

Jason Goldberg

—Jason Goldberg, #1 International best selling Author & transformational speaker

“Michelle is just BADASS! Thank YOU Michelle for leading in service!”

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— SARK, Author and Artist

“Thank you for doing such powerful and beautiful work - it’s more than a podcast - it’s really a transmission of love and transformation.”

Mark Victor Hansen

— Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series

“The Voice of Gratitude is a powerful book that will open your heart and put a million smiles in your soul. it’s the perfect gift for everyone you know!”

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—Scott Harris, leading Australian coach, mentor and speaker

“You are so sweet. Thank you so much. It really has been a delight [talking to you on the podcast] and I really look forward to serving you and your team in any way I can in the future."

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—Liz Hernandez, Emmy-nominated television personality and journalist

“You are truly a light. I really appreciate your time and ALL your good energy!"

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—Siri Lindley, Nationally renowned business and personal leadership coach

“Such a beautiful soul, and I just feel so thankful to have had this opportunity [to speak] with you. Such a gift!"


— Richard Carlson, Ph.D and Psychotherapist, Motivational Speaker, and Author of, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“Gratitude is among the most important aspects of a quality life – it’s everything worth having. This book is a simple reminder of the importance of this magical and powerful quality. It shows you that gratitude is not ‘small stuff,’ but, rather the stuff life is made of.”


 Danielle LaPorte, Author, Speaker, Light Worker, and invited member of Oprah’s inaugural SuperSol 100

“Thank you for being so present. I didn’t even know I needed this (pod talk) today. This was a pleasure.”


— John Gray, Ph.D., Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Authentic wisdom of an open heart and a powerful reminder to celebrate life's blessings.”