The Video Mastery Lab is an Exclusive Group of Message Driven Entrepreneurs who Learn How to Master an Impactful Message that Converts Viewers to Clients.

“Take it! Totally blows your mind. It is way more than just mastering your skills in front of the camera! It is also about crafting an impactful message that truly touches the emotions of your audiences - a must skill for any business development. Michelle is really THE MASTER of this.” — Keiko M.C., Ph.D., Tech Entrepreneur


  • Transform your Message with a Measurable Before and After

  • Learn the 4 C's that Convert Viewers to Clients without Selling

  • Discover the Single Most Powerful Key that Unlocks an Effective Call to Action 

  • Absolutely Own the Blueprint of Truly Impactful Content

  • Get Exclusive One-on-One Coaching every session 


  • Week 1: Mindset + Connection - Discover the 3 C’s that Transform Selling to Serving

  • Week 2: Defining the ICA, Problem/Solution/Why You - Openers, Grabbers and Hooks 

  • Week 3: WSSAT - Establish the Emotional Core Benefit 

  • Week 4: Overcoming Obstacles - Bridging the Gap

  • Week 5: Unleash the Final C to Close the Deal 

  • Bonus: Video Production for any Budget 

“I was blown away by participating in the Lab. I learned how to make a dynamic video presentation that is powerful and impactful. I got past a few of my self imposed fears and was able to feel much more comfortable behind the camera than I ever thought possible. Michelle is an absolute expert in this field and the value I received is exponential. I love working with this beautiful soul!” — Frank Clark, aka Mr. Orange, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur


  • We meet via Zoom, a virtual video platform  

  • I’m only taking 12 students to keep it intimate and effective

  • We meet every Tuesday from 5-7pm PST for five consecutive weeks

  • Next start date is March 19, 2019

This proven process is the exact training I’ve used with my one on one clients for years, valued at $2495!




“I have had the pleasure of working both behind the scenes and in front of the camera with Michelle. Her industry knowledge and expertise shines through both in her approach to on air selling and in her attention to detail in producing shows. Her concise direction, strategic thinking and unparallelled experience helps to drive sales, create relevant, compelling content and ultimately leads brands to success.” —Joan S., VP Product Development, Lisa Hoffman Beauty

“Working with Michelle is critical for on-air sales success! I had been on air for 18 months with hit or miss sales. One session with Michelle and my sales had an 80% upswing in our success rate. It was immediate, measurable, and high impact. Michelle has very specific insight, expertise and strategies that generate results. She's a trustworthy advocate and intimately understands the challenges of selling on-air. She knows from her extensive background what works, what doesn't, and how to make every minute on air count. I strongly encourage anyone who is on air to work with her. She delivers!” —Juliana L., CEO, Pure Style Girlfriends

“Michelle is truly gifted at what she does! Aside from her passion and genuinely enthusiastic and fun personality, Michelle's expertise in learning how to get to the root of a brand and translate it through the TV is truly exceptional. I would tell anyone going on TV to work with her! She also happens to be a gem of a human being!” —Ashlee F., CEO, Aromachology

“Michelle is one in a million. Correction; one in a billion. She is ridiculously optimistic and wildly… positively infectious! Our transformational skincare company needed a rockstar orator and mentor to help unpack our complex story, then repack it in a way that befit our next-gen products and brand. She helped us to better articulate our business’s attributes, benefits and personality - our essence. And she carefully re-channelled this to our communications platform in the most beautifully simple way. Our company has gone from strength to strength because of her. Hand on heart... I have no doubt that Michelle will transform your business. We thought we were good, but she showed us how great we could become. Michelle is a truly authentic human and master communicator. Loved and appreciated every moment. Thank you.” — James, R., CEO Ao Skincare

“Michelle Sorro has the rare talent of both understanding a company’s core brand message and positioning with the ability to bring it to life in a manner that is both true to brand, but that also sells well! Her "soft sell" approach coupled with her vast experience of being on air herself is truly unique and what sets her apart. Michelle has helped me streamline my messaging, and positioning. Through her coaching, I have been given the necessary confidence to succeed as a brand ambassador for Beautisol.” — Sinead N., CEO, Beautisol