Are you ready to Master your Message on ANY Video Platform? 

Nobody is looking for perfect, everyone is looking for REAL

For ten years, I’ve worked as a TV Host, specifically in direct response, and have logged over 4000 hours on live television. For the past 20 months, I’ve studied under Tony Robbins and it’s changed my life. I stopped smoking, tripled my income and launched a podcast that hit the Top 10 in Self-Help in less than 3 months. In the last 9 months, I generated a six figure online group coaching business with zero dollars spent on marketing or advertising. I did it solely through FB lives and posts. No email list, not a big following, and absolutely no idea what I was doing. Coaching lights me up and I feel called to teach my success story. 

On 2/6, I’m starting a six week course titled, “Video Sales Magic — How to Convert Viewers to Clients.” Seems every coach, speaker and author I know struggles with the video piece, and I want to help people become their most authentic selves while crushing their goals. I'm only taking 20 students and it will sell out. Let me know if you're interested in more info.

This is a DEEP and VERY specific dive into JUST Video Sales Magic… because THAT is the KEY!

You’re going to have the content, you’re going to have the book, you’re going to create the platform

it’s this piece right here, that probably only a handful of people on the planet, that can help you unleash, and help you awaken to

I know exactly how to walk you through this practice

Pierce the video veil so that you can be completely authentic.

If you’re a coach

If you’re a leader

If you’re a speaker

If you’re a teacher

If you have some kind of course

You need some kind of video to convert your viewers into clients. Master your message and serve don’t sell. Serve v Sell. The last nine years I was on, it was all direct selling, sales segments, where everything changed for me was when I realized it’s not about selling it’s about serving.

There is no one else out there that can walk you through this like I can. I feel like my entire life has brought me to this moment, and I am SO FIRED UP about it! Is it just for video? No! It’s how to really have a conversation about what you are trying to convey! With certainty, with authenticity, with something that feels natural and not salesy, where you’re totally your badass beautiful self! THAT is what we want to pierce through, so that people can feel you.

Truth has substance, has a weight, and THAT’S what I’m going to teach you how to cultivate

THAT’S what I am going to teach you how to unleash

Let’s be real, I have been doing this for a very long time with my workshops, incubators, and accelerators all around Los Angeles, I’ve been doing it with my one on one clients as I’ve prepared them for QVC and HSN,

It doesn’t matter if you have a physical product, or goods, or a service, or a course, or a book, or a mastermind, whatever you want to sell… I will help you get there!

Once you’re done, you will know that you can look right into that camera and know you can Connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time, from anywhere in the world,

How does that sound?

Sounds good to me

connect, community, clarify, convert, value (adding, serving) that’s what mastering the message really is.