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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site — I'm grateful you're here. I’m a Live Media Strategist, and slightly obsessed with my pup, Samson. I help rising online experts and entrepreneurs transform their lives and impact.

Founder of the Live Video Academy, TV Retail Host, Speaker, and host of The Fire and Soul podcast, a Top 10 in Self-Development. I’m a published author on the topic of gratitude, have meditated with the Dalai Lama, and literally walked on fire.

I host the “Pop-Up Shop” on Emmy winning entertainment news show, Extra — a weekly segment dedicated to hooking up fans with lifestyle deals.

My role on Extra is a flash sale segment. My job is to convert viewers to customers and move thousands of units of inventory in 15 seconds per product. It’s an extremely demanding challenge to deliver the exact right message to achieve the sales quotas within the tight timeline.

My ability to master any message for any product, service or goods is backed by unparalleled expertise. For the past decade, I’ve been a TV Retail Host on QVC, HSN and nationally syndicated TV shows with over 4000 hours of live TV experience. I’ve sold hundreds of millions dollars of products and broken many sales records. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about real time conversions.

In 2014, I started consulting for mega brands such as Shiseido, Trish McEvoy, Deborah Lippmann and many more. I helped transform their stagnant sales into skyrocketing success with my training framework. I began to feel the call to help as many people and products as possible.

Despite my on-air sales success, I struggled behind the scenes. I didn’t love the idea of being an expert in TV Retail. I didn’t want to be known for “pitching” and “peddling” product. My ego was having a field day.

Yet, I knew I was extremely skilled and could add insane value to others if I could teach what I knew at mass. How though? As live video began emerging as the single most effective tool in social media, I realized that was the best platform to share my services. Wait, what? Hell no. Not me.

I know what you’re thinking, “What’re you talking about? You already sell stuff on national TV.” That’s different. It’s my job (and I’m paid well for it), but I couldn’t sell my own services in front of my friends and family on social media. No way.

But then I started thinking about all the experts, coaches, speakers, authors and message driven entrepreneurs that could benefit from my expertise. Nobody was teaching them how to pierce the video veil to create connection, community and conversions. The only option they had was “media training” which is not the same as coaching conversions. I wanted to help but couldn’t get past my comfort zone.

Fast forward to 2017. I attended a Tony Robbins’ event called, Date with Destiny, a truly profound experience. One of the many breakthroughs I had was discovering the biggest blind spot holding me back from my dream of helping others: Desperation for approval. I was obsessed with what others thought of me and realized that would sabotage any shot I had of following my heart and taking action.

So there I was, a burning desire to help others, but couldn’t get out of my own way based on what others might think? Worse, what about all the coaches, experts, and message driven entrepreneurs I knew I could guide so they could help others? I had to find a solution.

I was faced with two options: Fear or Love. Thankfully I went with the latter. When I shut the voices up in my freaking head, I had an epiphany. I didn’t “sell” anything. I SERVE. In fact, I serve my heart out.

And, it’s deeper than that. At Date with Destiny, I discovered that what I’m actually serving is love. Instead of obsessing on what others think, now I ask myself, “How can I serve love, even more, right now?” That mindset shift allowed me to get out of my own way and dramatically transform my life and business.

Date with Destiny helped me claim my power on every level. I quit smoking after 30 years. I healed personal relationships and expanded my social network with like-minded and like-hearted people. At the prompt of a friend who challenged me to 30 days of Facebook Lives, I began to share my message. Yep, me. In the beginning, I was scared to death but through mindset and consistent action, I created epic results.

In less than 18 months, I quadrupled my income and built a multi six-figure coaching business. I’m the founder of Live Video Academy, the only live digital curriculum that teaches my proven conversion blueprint, the Sorro Method.

I’ve collaborated with world class speakers and coaches and launched a popular podcast. I’ve had the honor of impacting thousands of lives and created a thriving community of beautiful souls from all around the world who are doing live videos every day. I designed the life of my dreams and it’s more fulfilling than I ever imagined possible. All because I stopped giving an F about what others thought.

I walk the talk. I’ve studied spiritual, personal and business development for three decades, read over 100 books and invested over $100K in the world’s finest teachers, mentors, and coaches. Date with Destiny helped me wake up and own the integration.

My wealth of experience and radical transformation has led me to realize that mindset is everything. I’m no preacher. I’m on a mission to make a difference, just like you. And, it’s magic when we do it together. You ready?

Let’s make an impact.


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